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Edge Settings

The Edge web browser is optimized for touch and ink, as well as improved processor efficiency in your Surface Studio. Ever want to circle something right in the web browser? Maybe you saw something silly that a client or colleague would appreciate, or maybe you want to highlight styles of web designs you like for a seasonal product landing page. With Windows Ink built right into Microsoft Edge, use your Surface Pen or your finger to draw directly on your browser.

Adjust Edge Settings

  1. Open Edge from your Start menu or taskbar.

  1. Click the More options menu, the three dots.
  2. Click “Settings.”

  1. From here, you can use the dropdown menu, check boxes and radio buttons to choose a theme and colors, set the browser to open with a Start page, import contact and bookmarks from other browsers.

  1. You can also clear your browsing history in part or full, and choose whether this happens automatically when you close the browser.

Use Edge with Ink

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and browse to the website you want to write on.


  1. Click the Ink icon just to the right of the URL bar.
  2. Your drawing tools menu will appear where you can select your pen or brush style and color to draw right on the screen.

  1. Doodle, circle, or highlight anywhere. Easily clip, save, or share your Inked screen by clicking or tapping the clip, save, and share buttons.