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Use video chat, send instant messages, or make a long-distance call via Skype. It’s a great way to instantly connect with friends and family around the world. Here’s how to adjust settings for your communications needs.

Skype settings

  1. Access Skype from the Start menu or search for Skype using Cortana.
  2. After signing in with your Microsoft account, click on your user icon in the top left corner of the window.

  1. Click Settings.

  1. Choose whether to allow calls from anyone and set your default location for emergency calls.
  2. Choose whether to preview linked websites.
  3. Set up your voice messaging.

  1. Customize your Skype notification settings.

  1. Choose your video and audio devices.

  1. Set diagnostic logging on or off.
  2. Choose how contacts are added.
  3. Choose a Skype display mode.

  1. Set up Call forwarding settings.
  2. Manage your privacy settings
  3. Set up SMS sync.
  4. Set the default country/region.

  1. Set up ease of access narration for messages.
  2. Change your Skype proxy settings.
  3. Choose whether to preview incoming video based on your network connection.

  1. Choose whether to play streamed media from 3rd party providers.