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Step 2. Pick a character which describes you best

Modern Professional

I work in an environment where I have the freedom to work wherever I want and set my own hours. Because of my flexible lifestyle, I want my device to be my assistant, to help keep me organized, and to be smart and easy to use.

Road Warrior

I spend a lot of time traveling and being mobile either for professional or personal life. I want my stuff to be easily accessible, and my device to be connected, versatile and ready to use.

Trend Setter

I like to be an ambassador of the latest trends and stay connected with the world by producing and consuming digital content. I want my device to look great, keep me updated and have advanced features.


I like to stand out, have a unique style, appreciate art and enjoy creative thinking. I want my device to allow me to express myself and to provide me with the right tools to perform my tasks and hobbies.


I spend most of the day with my device performing heavy-duty tasks in and outside of work, including running games or hefty apps. I want my device to be connected, powerful and responsive.


I value my privacy and personal time. I want to easily connect with people and my content, chill watching shows, reading, or surfing the web. I want my device to be reliable, practical and easy to use.

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