Use Surface Dial with app specific custom tools

You can also set the Surface Dial to perform different functions based on the current app.  For example you may want to select different tabs in Edge and Page Up/Page Down in Word.   1. Press Windows + I to display Settings. 2. Choose Devices > Wheel. 3. Scroll down to App tools and click Add an app.   4. Choose an app from the list or browse to the executable (.exe) file for the Windows application. 5. Add one or more custom tools for the selected app by naming each tool and selecting the keyboard combination for the tool. 6. When you are in the app, click and hold the Surface Dial to display the menu with your custom tools for that app. 7. Rotate to select the desired tool and click to select it. 8. Now, to use the selected custom tool, simply rotate or click the Surface Dial.